Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Training for Compliance (Michael Jerrigan, Microsoft)

Compliance Training Manager for Microsoft, he opened up the session by asking if there were any attorneys in the room. Stated that working with attorneys in the compliance world has its own set of unique restrictions. This should be good...

What does compliance mean? We've got software, financial, trustowrthy computing's very all over the place. If Michael ran a report on Compliance in personnel's title, the hits would total well over 20,000. If you ask an attorney, they would respond with, "Well, it depends on kind, requirements, your world, etc." Michael's world is legla compliance.

"Compliance should be slightly if not at all different from training other areas, but the consequences of getting it wrong are much more severe." (well said)

Why bother with compliance training? To keep your corporation out of the headlines... (again, well said)

Brought up the concept of archived training, and the ability to recall what was trained 5 years ago...10 years ago. This is definitely significant in the case of what I do, as well as (apparently) many others in this room. Compliance does not just include the here and now, but then 'then and there'. Trackability, locatability, archivability...all significant when it comes to creating a compliant body of training.

Not a lot of specific data here, per se...not a lot that I can take away and employ. But it definitely made me reflect on compliance and its significance in the EHR Training Industry. Great presentation.

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