Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Do You Keep Track of All This Stuff? (Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University)

Opened with a review of the White House's website from 10 years ago, then today. The contrast is frightening...brings us nicely, though, into thinking about why we're resistant to change today and the potential nature of these changes. Great way to open...definitely roped me in.

Discussed the advent and evolution of Web 2.0. Refer to the conference CD for the "Web As A Platform" diagram...great piece. Basically diagrams what falls under Internet Applications, the World Wide Web, then Web 2.0.

Contrasted Office live Workspace versus Google Docs. Tout it as you may, I still think with the majority of the populous using MS Office, Google Docs has a long way to go. Google Docs is the Mac of 6 or 7 years ago. More people might buy into it, but it will still be the unwanted option in comparison to Microsoft (just stating the facts...I'm not pumping one more than the other).

Social Bookmark managers are, do I not get the need for this. I mean, I get that you're farming out the top terms being searched for...but, still - If I want to search for something, I search for it. Maybe I'm missing something?

Cloud storage...insecure, at that. Useful, I'd say, for non-sensitive documents, etc., but any use above and beyond that is pointless. Corporate-wise, what's the difference between Cloud computing and a networked drive (assuming you can connect to your intranet remotely). Again, maybe something I don't to explanation. Someone just brought up that for free online storage, "THEY" own your content. Strike two...

Finally, Web 3.0...Google Squared ( creates a different way to do search, based on trying to understand what you're really looking for. Instead of giving you a list of links, it gives you information straight away. Rather than a site, you're given a fact. This is good...cuts out some of the searching...but then, how are sites impacted that are supported on a click by click basis? I think this is a really cool thing, but there may be impact felt where they might not have thought there would be.

Mark was great, content was interesting...a lot to try and tackle in 45 minutes. Could have stayed here for another hour or two.

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