Thursday, August 19, 2010

Knowledge Management Meets Collaboration and Social Media (Sveta Liebman/Alex Heiphetz)

Admits right off the bat that this might not be the ideal solution for everybody everytime...good caveat. Begins by defining Knowledge Management and Social Media...I'll spare you that here.

Referenced Brian Shaler's graph pertaining to the Number of Twitter Friends vs Productivity. There's a happy medium...too many = well, you know... "We need to make sure people are using social media, but that we're using them for a good reason." - I like this quote...centers around the "WHY" of training, etc., not just the other questions we ask all too often. If we were a bit more WHY centric, we'd be a heck of a lot better off as a profession.

"When a document was on a server, I knew where it was. When it's in the Cloud, I don't know where it is." Like I mentioned yesterday, this whole 'Cloud' storage trips me out a little bit, and it's for just this reason the presenter mentioned. We locate it digitally and physically when it resided on a server, making it more secure...whether we could see the server or it was in our organziation. You can tell me all you want that Cloud docs are secure, but without 'seeing it' I'm not 'believing it'. Maybe that's me being old school, but so be it...

(Gentleman in the audience mentions the iPad, at which point I showed the iPed to my neighbor in the audience. So, I might have missed one or two things....)

Presenter proceeds to bring up recipes from his Droid on the big screen. Prior to, he mentioned that it's much more productive to have your knowledge on your hip instead of on your desk. Agreed...extremely useful...but I still shy away from the Cloud. Presentation, overall, centers around Google docs/apps...started out centering around social media and virtual worlds. Gentleman in the audience brings him back to the virtual world, which shifts back to collaborative media. I'm getting dizzy...

I got the collaboration piece, and I got the social media piece (albeit a very small one), but I didn't follow how these fit together or how we got onto virtual worlds (aside from the knowledge collaboration side). Head is currently being scratched vigorously...

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