Friday, August 20, 2010

Social Media Present Trends/Future Possibilities (Mark Frydenberg)

Intro to the ills of social media misuse by the gentleman from Microsoft Compliance...nothing we all haven't heard before. I'm amazed that people still think they're any kind of invisible when utilizing Twitter, Facebook, or the like...

First social network? "Reply All" (Hmm, I agree to an extent, but don't bulletin boards predate email?) Frydenberg has a textbook published on Web 2.0 Real World Applications.

Facebook is up under the hammer first. Discussed the social aspect of 'friending' - Who do you friend? Why do you do it? Teachers - Do you friend your students? It blurs the line between personal and professional lives. Most students don't realize that you can alter your settings (see: Friends list accessiblity, etc.)

Google Wave is trashed next. I take great pleasure in this.

Three trends in social networking up and coming:
- Location based networking
- Mobile networking
- Single sign on (Think Trillian for Social Networking)

Live Twitter demo/dicussion...this is fun. I'm surprised at the number of people who don't, by default, 'get' the educational value (potential as it may be) behind this. Brightkite and Foursquare are the future, at least with regards to location-based social networking.

Build-Your-Own social networks are available, but maybe not as much the trend as others. Ning, which used to be free, is an example of this. Others include Elgg, BuddyPress, and SocialGo. "The Long Tail of Social Networking" - Targets a specific group of people.

Spokeo - Goes out and aggregates all searchable/findable data. Scary...

Wow...this one sucked me in completely. Awesome, awesome stuff.

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