Wednesday, August 18, 2010

High End Adobe Captivate Tips & Tricks (Joseph Ganci)

Presenter doesn't work for Adobe, uses it rather than sells it...good to know.

Starts by touting the Mac version of Captivate. Not a good way to win my favor, but I'll let it slide. Brings up the topic of reassigning keys in Preferences (see: Mayo Clinic needed to use prntScrn as part of the module). Good idea, but I'm not necessarily following why the manual screen capture would obstruct the actual end-user module. Was he talking about the fact that the users had to use the PrntScrn button in the module, but it did something different on their system? Unclear...

Modifying the language files (in 4 & 5) is an effective way to have the auto captions that appear say a little more like what you'd want it to. For example, if you want "Select" i/o "Click", it can be set up this way. Useful, but I still think the auto captions are pretty much...well...worthless (again, at least for what I do).

Ganci proceeded to cover motion capture in Captivate, as far as capturing action in between 'clicks' (which, for those of you who are unaware, is the driving force behind Cap's capturing). Very entry level in nature, or maybe I've been capturing motion in an EHR for far too long and am conditioned to it. Not sure...

Goes from the basics of motion capture, to the actual 'event coding' in the background of the software. I think there's a middle ground here that should have been covered, but that could just be me. Informative, but definitely leaves some rungs of the ladder out.

Full motion capture and its downfalls...which are plenty...are presented. Ganci entered into Preferences and showed how to switch it up just a bit to make it a little more effective.

All in all, didn't really get a lot from this. Might have been more geared for entry level...would have been nice to know.

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