Thursday, August 19, 2010

Informal Learning and Technologies to Make it Happen (Ghenno Senbetta)

Starts wide open with "What is your interest?" (specifically, re: informal learning)

Learning Dimensions

Online (Different Place) (NORTH)
Formal (Off the job) (WEST)
Informal (On the job)(EAST)
Face to face (Same Place) (SOUTH)

Learning to Learn
Core Competencies:
- Computing/Digital Skills
- Finding/Searching
- Sharing/Organizing
- Collaborating/Networking

Take Away/Give Away activity is distributed/discussed. Synchronous/Asynchronous Learning software is discussed/shared with one another. First topic centered around Meeting Technology and, what's funny is that more and more previously 'frivolous' social applications are now serious meeting pieces. Everything from Twitter to AIM (God help me, someone even brought up Trillian)...these now allow us to meet virtually. Great stuff.

Asynchronous is up next...everything from Google Groups, Ning, Sharepoint, and Yammer. These are a bit more straight forward as far as being what they are. Someone brought up LinkedIn...I suppose that fits the bill, too. Softutor, Ging, and Collab are also mentioned in the discussion. Pretty lengthy list, to be sure.

I really liked this session - It was very collaborative, very informal, and the most participation I've seen thus far at this conference. Great vibe all around and a well put together session. Once again, you can tell the sessions I'm really sold on by the short posts!

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