Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just as an eLearning Guild events, in general...

As I sit here listening to Skrillex's Bangarang pumped through the PA at DevLearn, I had a "moment":

I was just talking with the wonderfully talented Tracy Hamilton Parish and we agreed - There's really not a better conference experience than eLG.  It's not necessarily about the event itself, or the venue, or the agenda.  It truly is one of the greatest 'battery recharges' one can professionally do, and it's due in large part to the absolute mind vault the event becomes.  I won't embarrass anyone by necessarily naming them (*cough*JaneBozarthSteveHowardSARAHGilbertTrinaRimmerCammyBeanSeanPutmanDaveKelly*cough*), but, again, as Tracy pointed out last night - it's about learning from the people in particular, not necessarily the facts themselves.

Okay...moment over...move along.

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