Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Introduction - "I Blame Sandy" - Dave Kelly

Energy, Hurricane Sandy stories, and an awesome speaker, in general: This guy is Dave Kelly.

"The greatest source of professional development comes from the relationships you have with your peers."

Brief intro, but super poignant...kind of follows on the heels of my previous post.  "Community"'s what the Guild is about, it's what we're about, and it's where most of our relationships come from...this very room.  So comforting and, given the evening's events last evening: Good conversation, good food, good drinks - I can't help but not only believe this wholeheartedly, but completely endorse it. 

Dave wrapped by thanking us.  Thank you, Dave, for making me/us aware for just how lucky we are to be here.  Not just at DevLearn, but among our peers...our friends.

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