Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Morning Keynote - David Pogue "Learning Disrupted"

The Power of Music

(Starting to blog this a wee bit late, due to technical issues...go with it)

Ocarina...the importance of music...could bring us all together. "You can't play the F#?  ME NEITHER!!!"  Solid segue into our music presentations...

The Internet of Things

Thermostats, Video Cameras, etc...the technology is out there.  But most people who get a digital thermostat don't even program them.  Solution?  Infrared sensors make decisions based on your work/life balance, but the problem now is that every company is "making Internet of Things Things". Someone had a great idea to make a HUB of all the Internet of Things Things, and THEN someone made 40 of those..., yeah.  That's where we're at.

Apple made another laptop this year, too...and, with it?  A NEW TYPE OF CABLE!! (Jerks).  BUT's the same upside down as it is rightside up!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!  The Jesus Jack exists!  One cord to rule them all!!

Even better news is WIRELESS CHARGING...if you're not excited about this, you're dead on the inside.  Seriously.  "Why are we not worried about our intestines turning into cooked steak?" (Question I was wondering about, perhaps not in that fashion...but still).  Chinese manufacturers are devouring this, trying to build this technology into existing pieces of technology (refrigerators, TVs, etc.). 

Infiltrative, Yet Useful...
Wikipedia, AirBnB, TaskRabbit, the "Who's Sick Around Me"'s all-inclusive at this point.  Look at TaskRabbit - Dave's wife was sick, he went on this site, and people bid against one another as to who was going to go and get cold medicine and deliver it to his wife's office.  Bidding started at 40, he ended up paying a college kid 20 bucks to go, get it, and deliver it.  Insane.  Uber is another've got a personal chauffeur on call, but NOW there's uberX: Ordinary people like us with extra time in the family car, trying to make a couple extra dollars.  This technology is infiltrating...and it's not a totally bad thing.

So, this is the new way of doing things...but when did all this arise?  Answer - During the recession, out of necessity.  The genie's not going back in the'll never go back.  "Fiver" - People will do a variety of things for FIVE oil painting of your damn cat? Done.

Wearable Tech: Hot or Not?
Dave pretty much demolishes Google glass...which I'm just a little bit okay with (I never got the "draw").  Google's working on the followup, which will include a more comfortable design and a record light (to avoid the whole "Are you recording?" question).   Fitness trackers, on the other hand (FitBit, Nike+, etc.) are hugely successful...70 million sold this year.  Until this came along, the only insight into your body you had was once a year at the doctor.  But now?  We wake up, and we experience "fitness through humiliation" (turning health into almost a socially competitive "game").  T-shirts are now able to sense health factors, along with baseball caps, headbands, and so on.  So, catching on?  Hell yes...but definitely a niche market, at least for the moment.

 Oh, that one slide though...What has been seen cannot be unseen...

AND YET...there's a looooooong way to go.  For example, most motion sensors today identify the act of bicep curls the same as eating a bag of Doritos.  True story.  But they're working on it - Google's health band, Google's contact lens (which can sense glucose levels in diabetics from's coming.  Be ready.)  The data is there...and if it could somehow be universally extracted, we've got the answers to cancer.


Trying to tune into the rest of this, as Dave is showing some amazing medical technological advancements.  Go find him online (@pogue), like immediately...solid, solid stuff.  Long story short, while learning may be disrupted and our lives interfered with from new and emerging tech, we would do well to welcome these intrusions.

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