Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Conference Introduction - Dave Kelly

What Is Innovation?

So, Dots is a game I apparently shouldn't play, should I want a social life...I lack said social life already, so I'm all in.  Thanks, Dave...

"People make decisions on the dots they see...but the Innovators in the world see the dots BEYOND the screen...the ones that other people miss."  Dave mentions that innovation is more than that,'s about seeing patterns, it's about seeing what they do together and beyond.

Always Be Connecting Dots....
That's what we're going to be doing here at's about a community looking to do "stuff" beyond the status quo.  If any statement has ever encapsulated what it is we do here, it's that - It's why I present on the importance of Community, it's why I look forward, more than the conference itself, to the people...the interactions. 

Dave goes on to cover the conference details...awesome, but if you're following this on the back channel it might not be worth too much.  Suffice it to say, no matter what, that the statement still holds true: If you can get here, get here.  I told my Morning Buzz crew (handsome lot that they were), who were mostly first timers to DevLearn, that Community is the most important thing at any conference.  People make community, and without people, the community isn't as rich.  Your presence, just like everyone else's matters.  Make it happen.

More to come later, but SUPER stoked for this year...should be a great one.  Stay tuned...

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