Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kickoff - B Schlenker

Brent Schlenker, elearning icon that he is, opens up yet another DevLearn with a wonderful speech. Broadly sweeping, it gives you pause as to just what DevLearn is. As Brent puts it: "DevLearn is a lens into the future...the future of learning design, the future of organizations, the future of everything we do." He goes on to reference how DevLearn expands what we do, but that DevLearn allows for DevLearn to expand that much further.

Dev = Management, technology, strategy, learning, enterprise, knowledge, and performance. Basically, everything that we do.

SIRI gets a chance to show off...he asks SIRI to click Next, and he didn't quite get that. He asked again, and SIRI informed that he didn't think Clicking Next was an appropriate design decision. Good man, SIRI...good man.

(Brent...please don't put a picture of Michio Kaku up on the screen and expect me to maintain focus...)

Intro to Dr Kaku and that concludes the opening...thanks, Brent!

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